BioHouston, Inc. is a non-profit tax-exempt [501(c)(3)] corporation founded by Houston area academic/research institutions. We are leading a broad effort to establish the Houston region as a vigorous global competitor in life science and biotechnology commercialization. Our mission is to create an environment that will stimulate technology transfer and research commercialization, thereby generating economic wealth for the Houston region and making it a global competitor in life science commercialization. BioHouston’s activities provide the greatest leverage in making the Houston region a world-class competitor in the life science industry. All of our activities are designed to:


Join people and organizations that need to come together to make the life science industry in Houston ignite, including scientists, intellectual property and product development experts, venture capitalists, pharmaceutical companies, and others


Create interactions between people and organizations so that they can learn from one another, share information and explore opportunities


Encourage discoveries and commercial development so that the true potential of the life science industry in Houston can be unlocked


Meet the Team

Ann Tanabe Chief Executive Officer

Ann Tanabe
Chief Executive Officer


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BioHouston, Inc.
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