Senior Research Scientist – GlycosBioSciences

GlycosBio Food Sciences is a Research and Development Company that develops highly bioavailable personalized, plant-based medical foods and therapeutic ingredients. These products address specific dietary deficiencies in individuals with varying health conditions. Products are designed for compromised patients and complex digestive disorders caused by cancer, cancer treatment and other severe medical disorders. The Company’s purpose is to solve cancer associated undernutrition which affects up to 85% of all cancer patients.

GlycosBio Food Sciences is located at the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center (JLABs) at the Texas Medical Center.

Job Description:
Research and develop new applications in the field of nutrition and bioavailability. Product development using the company’s proprietary lipids-Enzyme Modified Oil (EMO) platform.

60% – 80% in-lab activities
• Making & testing nano-emulsion systems in support of patent development
• Developing and executing bioavailability studies (in vitro & in vivo)
• Small batch production of proprietary EMO samples for therapeutic testing
• Process optimization and technology transfer
• Analytical tasks
• General lab tasks associated with a start-up operation

Product prototyping and small batch production testing (lab/pilot scale) GRAS enzyme process development and testing Research and monitor the latest developments in the field of nutrition bioavailability (scientific literature and patents) Collaborate with investigators at local academic institutions (TMC) Contribute to development of Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio.

Qualifications/Education Desired:
• Ph.D. in Food Science, Biochemistry or related field.
• An experimentalist with a proven track record of innovation and problem solving in multidisciplinary research areas.
• Experience with enzymes and two-phase systems.
• Experience working on lipid-based systems and bioavailability (Nano-emulsion systems)
• Experience using analytical tools (GC, HPLC, NMR, Zetasizer, etc.).
• Knowledge of food chemistry and analytical methods.
• Ability to thrive in a collaborative cross-functional environment and to work effectively with a diverse team of scientists and engineers.
• Ability to be flexible and adaptable with changing projects and deadlines.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Salary & Benefits
GlycosBio Food Sciences offers a competitive compensation package and full medical benefits. Compensation would include a market base salary and potential for participation in an equity incentive based on performance.

Please forward current CV with cover letter to Suzanne Kennedy