ImmunoMet: Research Scientist I

ImmunoMet is a clinical stage biotech utilizing cellular metabolism to develop novel anti-tumor and immune-metabolism therapies. ImmunoMet was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from HanAll Biopharma, a mid-sized Korean pharma company, and is headquartered at Houston JLABs near MD Anderson. Our lead molecule, IM156, is an OXPHOS inhibitor which has demonstrated impressive in vivo efficacy in resistant solid tumors and is in Phase 1 studies. ImmunoMet owns a large biguanide library which forms an engine to develop new products and has initiated a second development program in fibrosis.

ImmunoMet is searching for a Research Scientist at their Houston laboratories. The successful candidate will work in the lab directly with biguanide compounds from our library and human cell lines. The projects include screening of compounds for various biologic parameters and then further evaluating promising prospects. Once laboratory data has been generated, the Research Scientist will compile, analyze and report on the data.

Research Scientist I
Job Type: Full-time
Location: Houston, TX


BS in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology or related biological science field
2-3 years experience in bioresearch laboratory (cancer field preferred), including:
Utilizing sterile technique at all time
Active knowledge of working under laminar flow biohoods and HEPA-filtered environment
General lab skills: experience with pipettes, preparing solutions, performing serial dilutions, etc.
Use of analytical balance/scale, microscope, autoclave, pH meter, water bath, -80°C freezer, centrifuge, temperature-regulated incubator, and heating/stir plate
Keeping the lab area clean and sterile at all time
Following Standard Operating Procedures for a given task
Maintaining accurate and timely records of data and results (physical and digital)
Designing experiments with projected outcomes and contingencies being accounted for to help guide the planning of future experiments


Tissue culture & maintaining human cell lines (mandatory experience required)
Cell viability assays
Western Blot
Gel Electrophoresis
Immunofluorescence Microscopy (optional)
Transfection and CRISPR knockout (optional)
Flow cytometry (optional)
Data analysis expertise, including statistical analysis, inhibition curves, model-fitting, and more (GraphPad Prism preferred)
Ability to use Seahorse XF Analyzer and Cytation 5 (optional)

Other Requirements:

Team player
Strong attention to detail
Proficient computer, scientific, and organizational skills
Excellent communication (oral, written, and presentation)
Effective problem solving and analytical thinking ability
Executing projects independently or with minimal supervision
Efficient time management
Accurate and clear documentation of data, results, and procedures

Interested candidates should submit their CVs to

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