Cemvita Factory: Scientific Project Manager

BACKGROUND: Molecular Biology, Synthetic Biology, Genetic Engineering, Biochemistry

We are a multidisciplinary team that leverages our unique science via impactful projects that are essential to a sustainable future for humanity. Our mission is creating a sustainable future on earth while enabling human exploration to space.
As an early member of Cemvita Factory, you’ll have the unique opportunity to build the infrastructure for applications of our technology while shaping the direction of the team and the company.


  • Take the lead on project execution and delivery
  • Develop workflows for the lifetime of the project, from proposal development to project design, execution, and customer presentations
  • Serve as an example for the company values


  • Assist in the development of the technical organization
  • Assist in grant writing and collaboration with academic institution


  • Performing methods of molecular biology including, working with DNA, RNA (e.g. extraction and purification from cell lysates), working with plasmids, performing cloning and gene expression experiments in microorganisms
  • Performing gene expression analytical assays including methods of PCR, qPCR, gel electrophoresis
  • Performing different analytic assays for detection and isolation of proteins, including western blotting, spectrophotometry and HPLC
  • Bacterial Cell Culture
  • Bioreactor-Based Cell Culture (preferred)
  • Microscopic imaging

LOCATION: Houston, Texas. Our lab is located at JLABS @ TMCx

COMPENSATION: Competitive base salary and stock options


  • Technical (theoretical and laboratory): 40%
  • Project planning and delivery: 40%
  • Communication: 20%


  • Molecular Biology, Synthetic Biology, Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering Researcher with proven track record in academia and industry
  • PhD or Post Doc
  • Prior startup experience is not required
  • Multidisciplinary background is preferred

For more information,contact Moji Karimi at moji@cemvitafactory.com.

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