Celltex Therapeutics: Cell Manufacturing Associate I

Job Purpose:
Work as an integral part of the laboratory production team. Assist in the production of adult stem cell product for banking and for therapeutic use.

Job Duties:

  • Conduct hands-on aseptic cell culture
  • Maintain accurate and timely manufacturing records, paper and electronic notebooks, records and logs
  • Document and maintain LUMACs on assigned equipment
  • Effectively use and maintain good aseptic technique
  • Perform clean room manufacturing operations and techniques following approved instructions and procedures
  • Perform manufacturing steps for cell culture, such as cell isolation, thawing, cryopreservation, sub-culturing, and harvesting following approved instructions and procedures
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the clean room, equipment, and storage tank areas
  • Document and maintain daily logs
  • Document manufacturing operations and steps in the batch record
  • Examine and evaluate data related to problems and propose corrective solutions
  • Attend and participate in group and project meetings
  • Recommend changes to the procedures and operations to increase efficiency, increase cell yields, and decrease costs
  • Participate in validation and research projects, as assigned

Skills/ Qualifications:
Cell biology; Aseptic Technique; Microbiological; Biochemical assay/ Techniques; Cryogenic Procedures; Sterilization; Equipment Calibration; Biohazard Safety; Medical Teamwork

Education/ Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in biology, microbiology or other related field. Experience in cell culturing preferred.

For more information, please contact Diane Dolence at ddolence@celltexbank.com

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