BioCapital Holdings: Lab Associate

BioCapital Holdings, LLC (“BCH”) is a privately held, Houston, Texas based bioengineering company focused on using synthetic biology to advance socially meaningful innovations and produce environmentally friendly, premium-grade compounds using commercially viable platforms. BCH is a self-managed, self-administered and vertically-integrated developer, manager and operator of intellectual property.

We are currently seeking a Laboratory Associate. This is an excellent opportunity for a recent college graduate or with 1-2 years hands on lab experience to be part of a growing company that is creating and inventing commercially viable compounds. A bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Biology, Molecular Biology, or Physics is ideal. Work location is Houston, Tx.

Job description: Including, but not limited to:

  • Carry out, develop and assist in scientific experimental research specifically regarding microbiology, synthetic biology, molecular biology and biotechnology necessary to advance the intellectual property interests of BioCapital Holdings, LLC. This will include other processes such as fermentation and biomolecular production.
  • Pursuant to Exclusive Sublicense Agreements and Patents (applied for and approved) held by the Company, advance the successful commercialization of unpatented and patented technology and other intellectual property in which others are the inventors,
  • Assist Chief Scientist with searching and composing information using various methods- online, libraries, etc.- for online distribution of documents/papers and publications.
  • Assist with Company laboratory equipment, materials and reagents including their acquisition, installation and maintenance,
  • Assist company’s safety team in establishing and maintaining policies.
  • Adhere and maintain compliance with all safety policies, laws and regulations.
  • Assist in maintaining the safety, security and cleanliness of laboratory.
  • Facilitation of and participation in Company scientific meetings, including reporting on research activities as requested,
  • Follow guidelines and instruction on research as given by the Chief and Senior Scientists
  • Adhere to laboratory safety guidelines including your professional, tidy, personal appearance.
  • Periodic review of Company website for accuracy and current relevance.
  • Inventory and optimize Company chemical and biotechnical assets and supplies for optimum operational efficiency.
  • Perform physical safety assessments on all lab equipment.
  • Perform sterilization and disposal of laboratory supplies and waste in accordance with Company safety procedures, including active research experiments.
  • Review, acknowledge and adhere to policies in Employee Handbook as can be found in the Company’s database and may be modified from time to time.
  • Attend one appropriate scientific conferences annually approved by the President of the Company.
  • Attendance at Company meetings and Company functions as set by management.
  • Ability to work evenings and/or weekends when required.
  • Other services that would benefit the Company.

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